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Bike Fitting Services

Fitting Services


When looking for a new bike it is easy to become overwhelmed by the different options that are out there.  There are different component packages, frame designs, disc brake vs rim brakes, and other features to consider.  On top of all of that, there is size.  Size and proper fitting is probably the most important, followed closely by frame design.  These two items will determine the comfort and ride characteristics you will get from your new bike. 

We offer a free bike sizing and frame design consultation by appointment.  What this entails is a short discussion period about your history, what type of riding you plan on doing, and what your future goals are.  This allows us to make sure we can make the best recommendations of models for your new ride.  The next step involves putting you on our Retüle Sizing Bike.  This allows us to simulate the way different sizes of the various styles of bikes we suggest will feel.  At this point we can discuss the different models of components and colors we have available. If you are interested in learning more about our fit and sizing processes fill out our Bike Fit Questionnaire and we will contact you, or contact the store.

Basic Fit $50

We offer a free basic fit with the purchase of all new Road Bikes.  If you have an existing bike (any brand or style) that you wish to have your position fine tuned, we charge $50.  This involves fine tuning your seat height, the for aft positioning of your saddle, and recommendations on different stem length and bar width options.  This is a good choice for someone who just wants to make sure that they positioned correctly on their bike.

Body Geometry Fit $175

We also offer a full Body Geometry Fit.  This level of fit can take up to 2-3 hours.   This is designed for  a rider that wants to maximize their performance on their bike, or has specific pain, discomfort, or other issues they would like addressed.  This is a 5 step process.

  1. Interview- A trained Body Geometry Fit specialist will learn about your riding style, goals, and issues or concerns you have.  This is important for us to understand your needs as a rider.
  2. Physical Assessment- Our Fit specialist will administer an 18-step comprehensive assessment of your flexibility and body dimensions.  This will help guide us through the process of customizing your position on your bike.
  3. Ride Analysis- We will asses your position on your bike while you are riding.  This provides another piece of the puzzle for us to help you meet your final goals.
  4. Fitting- During this stage we will personalize your bike and equipment to fit your needs.  By using proper saddle selection and positioning, cleat positioning, handlebar width and positioning we will put you in a position that maximizes your performance and comfort. 
  5. Follow Up- We will then schedule a followup visit to answer any questions and fine tune position if needed.