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Suspension work

Suspension Tuning

Now that you have your dream bike with the latest suspension technology, how do you have it set up?  Do you know what the blue adjustment knob does?  What about the red one, or the other blue one?  What is your pressure set at?  Suspension technology is changing and getting more and more sophisticated everyday.  If you are overwhelmed, your not alone.  Most of the suspension bikes you see on the trail have never been adjusted since they left the store.  

Not only is Rib Mountain Cycles the only shop in central Wisconsin that offers a full range of in house suspension repair and maintenance services, we also offer suspension setup and tuning services.  Our very own suspension guru Nick is now offering suspension set up classes as well as trail side suspension setup.

Suspension set up classes:

From time to time we offer free classes that cover the basic adjustments necessary to make your suspension perform properly.  We will discuss basic rebound, compression, and sag settings.  This is designed to familiarize you with the different settings found on your bike and how they affect ride characteristics.  If you are interested in being notified about upcoming classes, fill out our suspension class questionnaire and we will keep you notified about upcoming classes.

Trailside Suspension Setup:

If you are looking for a more professional setup and a stronger understanding about fine tuning your suspension, this option is for you.  Nick will meet you on the trail, and go over your settings with you.  You will ride sections of trail together stopping from time to time to make adjustments and discuss changes.  By the end of the ride your suspension will be dialed in to your riding style.  You will also have a strong understanding of how to change the ride characteristics of your bike.

Suspension Maintanance:

Not sure what maintance your bike requires? Stop by the shop, or fill out this online Suspenion Work Order, and we will contact you with sugested work and a quote.