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The All-New Epic 8
of the Fastest

Introducing the new Epic 8 and Epic 8 Evo, the fastest mountain bikes on the planet. Specialized redefined the formula of fastest with double the capability, extra efficiency, and less mass.

The Fastest Mountain Bike on Earth. Period.


The most capable 120mm bike on the planet


The most efficient pedaling suspension bike we’ve ever tested

Light Weight

76 grams lighter than previous S-Works Epic

Thank God Some Kids Stayed in Science ClubEvidence-Based Performance for Riders 

While you were cutting school to ride your bike, some kids stayed in science class. A few of those kids rode their bikes, too. They grew up to be members of Specialized Science Club, creating evidence-based performance for riders. The Ride Dynamics team is an elite part of Specialized Science Club that relentlessly focuses on holistically developing the chassis, geometry, kinematics, spring curves, and damping performance of our bikes to achieve a singular, elevated ride. Thank God, indeed.

Specialized Epic 8

The Epic 8 punches way above its class, because as tracks get more technical, capability makes the difference between winning and crashing. On top of that, the more composed the bike in technical terrain, the more the rider can recover on the descents so they’re ready to attack on the next climb. 

Specialized Epic 8 Evo

Epic 8 EVO models are special builds for riders who hunt downhill KOMs on monster loops. Speccing the same Epic 8 chassis with 130mm forks, bigger brakes, aggressive tires, riser bars and shorter stems, EVO models are singletrack-devouring machines like the world has never seen.

Get To Know The Specialized Epic 8


REACH: 475mm



*All geometry numbers shown are for Size L in the LOW setting.

Stay Tuned…Specialized Ride Dynamics Tuned Dampers

Custom valving on the Epic 8 shocks and forks is developed together with the chassis, leverage rate, and kinematics, to elevate the ride of the bike beyond the sum of its parts. 

Magic MiddleSet it and forget it, Goldilocks 

The Magic Middle setting delivers support under pedaling and active suspension in the rough.

Under rider inputs, the dampers give more resistance, causing the shock to move less—providing more support for efficient pedaling. When the trail gets rough, the suspension moves more freely to soak up bumps—delivering more control and a smoother ride.It’s the best of both worlds for XC riders.

Free Your Mind. Focus On Fast.Specialized Ride Dynamics Tuned RockShox Flight Attendant

The Specialized Ride Dynamics tuned RockShox Flight Attendant system frees your mind to focus on fast by simplifying decision making in the heat of the moment, instantaneously changing to the optimal Dynamic Trio setting. Flight Attendant leverages SRAM AXS Wireless technology to collect real-time data from you and the terrain to determine optimal compression settings to deliver an unmatched experience for the rider.

Ruthless Biomechanical Efficiency 20% Less Pedal Bob

The new Epic 8 is the most efficient pedaling suspension bike Specialized has ever tested, while maintaining traction and absorbing bumps. By optimizing the kinematics of the suspension, Specialized Ride Dynamics was able to create a bike that reduces inefficient pedal-induced bobbing by 20%, maintains active suspension for effective bump force management, and ensures the rider remains in the most efficient pedaling position.

Give Fatigue The FingerPush While the Field Suffers

By instrumenting Specialized bikes with accelerometers, they compare the forces coming into the bike at the wheels with the forces experienced by the rider. The new Epic 8 absorbs 12% more bump and vibration forces than the previous generation, leaving the rider less fatigued and more powerful over time. Additionally, because the bike soaks up the bump and vibration forces, the rider can recover from the last climb or stay in the saddle to power down.


Of course the new Epic 8’s are lighter than their predecessors. In fact, Specialized shaved 76 grams off of the new S-Works while boosting efficiency and capability. On top of that, they added features like SWAT and steering stops. How’d they do it? Simple, obsessive attention to detail, engineering, and composites wizardry.

Every Fiber of Our BeingOur Premium FACT 12M Carbon Fiber

Like parents, Specialized is quite proud of the bikes they’ve brought to life. And while it’s generally frowned upon to play favorites, they'd be lying if they said they weren’t most proud of the all-new S-Works Epic 8. One reason is the FACT 12M chassis, with its unrivaled composite materials laid up by hand in a painstaking and meticulous schedule to deliver unmatched stiffness and strength-to-weight stats.

Making every gram count means counting every gram.Be Gone, Lazy Grams

While weight alone does not make a fast bike, it is true that mass is the enemy of performance. So Specialized made sure to achieve their unreasonable weight targets, while wringing the maximum velocity from every gram.

Who Says You Can’t Get Somethin’ For Nothin’?A Helping of Features, Hold the Weight 

Well whoever said it is wrong, because with the Epic 8 you don’t need to spend a single gram to get mega capability, SWAT 4.0 to carry all your essential “stuff” in your downtube, and an integrated steering stop to prevent the ubiquitous top tube scar the first time you crash and your bars spin.

Meet The Epic 8 EVO

Fastest for Downcountry


REACH:  470mm



*All geometry numbers shown are for Size L in the LOW setting.

Epic 8 EVO’s Dynamic DuoTwo Positions; Pick Your Poison 

Wide Open

When you made it to the top and it’s time for your reward, open it up and let it fly. The Wide Open setting has minimal compression damping, delivering such a supple ride, you’ll swear you’re on a trail bike.


For a lot of downcountry terrain, keeping it active as you sit and spin is the way to go on the climbs. But sometimes it’s real smooth. And sometimes you wanna’ get out of the saddle and pedal like you’re chopping wood. Those are the times to lock it out and hammer away. Hell, it’s cheaper than therapy.